PVC vs Aluminium. Which solution is better?

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Window joinery in modern building – PVC vs Aluminium

The first decision we face when buying windows is the type of window joinery, that is the material from which the windows will be made. This is a decision for many years and nobody wants to make it rashly. PVC or Aluminium, which solution is better? How to choose the material so that the windows fulfill both esthetical and utilitarian functions? Is there an ideal solution?

PVC windows

PVC windows are a solution that has been enjoying great popularity among customers for many years now. Their success is obviously a result of many advantages which characterise this type of window joinery. They attract customers with their availability, functionality and attractive prices. PVC windows are definitely cheaper than aluminium windows. At the same time, they are highly resistant to moisture and weather conditions.

PVC joinery is an energy efficient solution. The use of specially selected glass packages and multi-chamber profiles allows high thermal insulation parameters to be achieved. With proper installation, heat loss can be significantly reduced, which translates into lower heating bills.

PVC windows are also easy to maintain with the use of mild detergents and a soft cloth.

We can choose from a wide range of colours, which gives almost unlimited arrangement possibilities and allows you to easily match the woodwork shade to your own needs.

Summary of the most important advantages of plastic windows:

  • good durability and functionality
  • high resistance to weather conditions
  • ease of maintenance
  • wide selection of solutions
  • wide range of colours

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows look great in modern buildings. They are a perfect alternative for people, who care about large glazing and comfort of use. Aluminium is very durable and resistant to weather conditions and light at the same time. Aluminium windows ordered to size can be individually adjusted to the character of our building. Very often in case of aluminium windows we have the possibility to bend the profiles, which allows us to make window structures in various shapes.

The dimensions of aluminium windows can be larger than those of plastic windows, as the durable aluminium is able to carry heavy loads without causing damage to the frame.

Aluminium windows are also much lighter than plastic windows, so in the case of large glazing they provide better functionality – they open and slide more easily.

You may be convinced that aluminium windows do not have as good thermal insulation as PVC windows, but nowadays they are made of high quality insulating materials, thanks to which they are not inferior to plastic joinery.
Important advantages of aluminium joinery are also resistance to atmospheric conditions: wind, rainfall and snowfall, humidity or UV rays.

Summary of the most important advantages of aluminium windows:

  • high durability and strength
  • resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • susceptibility (possibility to obtain various shapes)
  • effective appearance
  • lightweight construction
  • wide range of colours

Which solution to choose?
When making the final choice we should focus on our preferences and requirements. If we care about a solid solution that will satisfy us but will not stretch our budget unnecessarily PVC windows are a better choice.
However, if we dream of large and non-standard glazing and the budget does not play the first fiddle, it is worth choosing aluminium.

The customers often decide to mix both solutions. They choose PVC for smaller windows and aluminium only for large terrace doors.

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