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Lead Time

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Please see our average lead time for different products. The lead time starts upon our receipt of the signed Order Agreement and deposit.

White PVC   3-4 weeks

PVC with decor   4-5 weeks

PVC with aluskin   6 weeks

Doors   3-4 weeks

Wooden windows   6-7 weeks

Alu-clad wood   10-12 weeks

Arched window   6-8 weeks

Aluminium doors   6-7 weeks       Go to ALU doors

PSK   3 weeks

HST   4-5 weeks

Sectional garage doors   2-3 weeks          Go to garage doors

Industrial garage doors   2-3 weeks          Go to industrial doors

Garage doors with service door   7 weeks

Side doors   3-7 weeks

Rolling doors and grilles   4 weeks          Go to rolling doors

Blinds and shutters   2-3 weeks        Go to blinds and shutters