Rolling industrial door must be reliable, solid and safe. Our offer includes many special solutions, allowing to choose the door matching the type of the building, particular applications and conditions where the door will be used.

The main advantage of the rolling doors is their construction. The curtain of the door is rolled on the shaft placed above the opening. Because of it, the space under the ceiling remains free. It is important where the height of the room is needed. The Aimwin offer includes the steel and aluminium doors. Warmed doors are essential for places where keeping the temperature is crucial. They are built from profiles filled up with the polyurethane foam and they are sealed along the whole perimeter. Non-insulated walls are made of one-wall steel or aluminium profiles. This is the economical offer, perfect for industrial buildings’ interiors and buildings where the thermal insulation is not required.

Industrial door have different purposes. We produce them precisely to the indicated parameters, using the solutions matching the doors to different tasks and development conditions. These include profiles with windows ventilation profiles and perforated profiles in cold doors. An interesting proposal is so called “door with a tattoo” – an individually designed perforation of the curtain. The design of this perforation can show the type of business run in the particular building.

INSULATED ALUMINIUM PROFILE of the covered height of 100mm

INSULATED STEEL PROFILE of the covered height 100 mm

SINGLE-WALL ALUMINIUM PROFILE of the covered height 91mm

SINGLE-WALL STEEL PROFILE of the covered height 91mm

R1 SSP DOOR WITH SINGLE-WALL STEEL PROFILES it enables the creation of very wide constructions because of its durability

Rolling grilles perform different functions at the same time. They are produced in
many versions, depending on their protection class against burglary, air transmission, drive types and available designs and colours.

Similarly to rolling doors, the main advantage of the grilles is their construction allowing the use of the building floor space on both sides and under the ceiling. We offer aluminium and steel grilles.

Steel grilles are heavy and durable mechanisms. They are perfect to protect the entrance to the car parks, warehouses etc. Aluminium grilles are light constructions, aimed mostly for sales outlets in the shopping centres, jewellers’ and restaurants.

The design and construction of the rolling grilles depend on the places where they are installed and depend on their functions. The grilles with brick or sinusoidal profiles are good for rooms that have to be both safe and open. Aluminium grilles with rectangular openings are perfect for modern interiors where there is a need of high ventilation.

Grilles made of steel and aluminium perforated profiles provide the optical aperture and air permeability at the level of 28%. Grilles made of steel and aluminium perforated profiles can be painted with one of the 200 RAL colours.

PERFORATED STEEL OR ALUMINIUM PROFILE of the covered height of 91mm

RECTANGLE ALUMINIUM PROFILE of the covered height of 60 or 85mm

SINUSOIDAL STELL PROFILE of the covered height of 55mm

BRICK STEEL PROFILE of the covered height of 120mm




Grilles and rolling doors are equipped with protection against falling curtain in case the spring is broken or when the emergency brake integrated in the drive is broken. All
solutions can be supplemented with additional protection – flashing lamps, which are useful in large industrial facilities or photocells, which automatically lift up the grille if any obstacle is detected in the entrance. The protection at the edges works in the same way, they stop and lift up the grille after detecting an obstacle.

FLASHING LIGHTS Red/amber/green

PROTECTION if the spring breaks

INERTIAL BRAKE Used in doors and grilles with tubular motor


LOCK WITH A BOLT in the bottom bar

Grilles and doors are optionally made in two classes of protection against burglary: RC2 and RC3 (EN 1627:2011). The lock with a bolt is the protection against the burglary. It is installed in the bottom bar of the casing. It blocks the opening of bolted door from outside.

The access to the facilities, which require special protection, is additionally protected through the access card or code keyboard. The start of the signal steering the device can be enciphered even with 8-digit code. Rolling grilles must also meet safety criteria when they are being lifted up. The protection blocking the items from getting onto the shaft detects these items on the curtain when it is being lifted up and it stops the grille.

First of all, the automatic doors are comfortable. Modern, functional drives provide safety use and protect the mechanism of the door. Depending on the size, weight and building conditions, doors and grilles may be driven by one of the tree types of electrical drives.

Due to its parameters and sizes, slip-on drive is applied in products that are frequently used and have large surfaces. Tubular motor drive is a new solution in Aimwin offer. Because of its construction, it does not require a large surface of the facility. It is recommended for the mechanisms that are used several times during a day. Central drive is used in smaller products, where the frequency of theuse is approximately 5-10 cycles in 24 hours.

SLIP-ON DRIVE (3X400V) for intensively used large doors and grilles e.g. in the production halls

TUBULAR MOTOR (230V) is good for shopping centres because of its small and discreet construction

CENTRAL DRIVE (230V) for the products that are used a few times in 24 hours, for example in garages for one car.