Fixed Windows

A fixed window is a window that cannot be opened, whose function is limited to allowing light to enter (unlike an unfixed window, which can open and close). Common sizes for a single piece of glass range up to 8′ x 10‘, with some projects going for much larger solutions.


  • Fixed windows are permanently sealed, so they offer better energy savings than other windows types.
  • Even the smallest of fixed windows allow a great amount of natural light in.
  • Tend to be cheaper than other window styles.


  • Because they can’t be opened, fixed windows provide no means of admitting fresh air.
  • Difficult to maintenance, simply due to the fact that fixed versions are not operable and cannot be turned in for quick cleaning.

Tilt Only Windows

The tilt-only window allows much wider sizes, making it a perfect solution for clerestory windows, along hallways, or underneath large fixed windows in view facades.

Tilt & Turn Window

A tilt and turn window can both tilt inwards at the top or open inwards from hinges at the side. This is the most common type of window in Germany, its country of origin. It is also widespread in many other European countries. In Europe it is usual for these to be of the “turn first” type. i.e. when the handle is turned to 90 degrees the window opens in the side hung mode. With the handle turned to 180 degrees the window opens in bottom hung mode. Most usually in the UK the windows will be “tilt first” i.e. bottom hung at 90 degrees for ventilation and side hung at 180 degrees for cleaning the outer face of the glass from inside the building.

Entry doors

Our doors are modern and tasteful and each unit is manufactured based on your individual requirements. They keep you warm, secure and make a real statement about your home

There is an endless choice of infill panels including plain, grooved, decorative or glazed with obscure glass or decorative glass allowing you to create a door that is one of a kind.

Our entrance doors are available in uPVC, wood and aluminium options. The doors always come equipped with 3 up to 5 multipoint automatic locking system and ‘A’ class cylinder locks.

Our entrance doors are available in both single and double opening options and, when combined with matching sidelights, can make a superb design mark.

Lift And Slide Doors

Lift & slide door is the perfect integrating element that connects rooms or winter gardens with external spaces. The doors sit down directly on the track and the handle has to be wheeled round 180° to ‘lift’ the door up on to its rollers. This means that the door is positioned perfectly at all times. It is either fully closed for the best seal or fully lifted on heavy duty running gear allowing for a gliding movement of the door. Due to this operation you can effectively lock the door in an open position meaning that they cannot be moved accidentally and allowing for an amount of secure ventilation (with internal handles only).

Lift & Slide Doors are available in all product types, uPVC, timber and aluminium. Composite and timber options can provide improved thermal performance but normally come with a slightly larger profile.  uPVC can provide a good cost alternative to aluminium but again the sightline will generally increase and the sizes are more limited due to profile strength.

Lift & Slide Doors can carry increased weights typically up to 200-300kg and certain systems up to 400kg. The advanced running gears mean these doors are much easier to move regardless of the weight.