Types of sectional doors

We provide our customers with the innovative solutions, which are appropriate for every conditions. No matter if it is a small workshop or a production hall of an extensive surface. For every investment it is equally important to provide safe and comfortable conditions for business development. Our products from FIRM line are purposely made to meet these conditions.

The choice of sectional doors depends on their application and place of installation. Steel doors are perfect for industrial buildings, these doors are produced in two basic options: K2 IS and K2 IM.
The type with narrow embossing (K2 IS) is most often chosen for industrial surfaces e.g. production halls and warehouses.
Steel doors of plain texture and unique design of embossing, so called micro profiling (K2 IM) are often used in modern buildings.

Door sections are 40 mm thick and they are filled with polyurethane foam. The warmest door K2 IRFS 60, K2 IRCS 60 is recommended for the buildings requiring high thermal insulation. It is built of plain 60mm panels and it has the developed system of perimeter sealing – double sealing on the bottom panel and two-lip side sealing.
Apart from steel type of doors, we also offer K2 IA and K2 IP aluminium doors. K2 IA doors with narrow embossing look identical as their steel counterpart K2 IS, but are lighter and have a higher class of resistance to corrosion. K2 IP doors are an interesting alternative for full doors. They are characterized by modern design, they expose the interior of the buildings and provide more daylight inside.

Special sections

Steel door panels with windows or glazed aluminium sections are an interesting solution. They are filled with single or double window made of plexiglass resistant to scratching. Industrial doors made of glazed sections may serve as shop windows or they may discretely divide the space in the room if they are filled with mat, smoky
or milk acrylic glazing.

A perforated sheet can also be used for IP sections, it is particularly good for the interiors that need ventilation.
We recommend IP sections filled with aluminium mesh for such facilities as underground garages, where the efficiency of ventilation should be very high. We made all the doors according to the indicated size and the colour option available from over 200 RAL colours. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of veneers for the doors made of garage panels.


The flexible offer allows us to meet different expectations. Most of the individual solutions are made on-site in our factories. We know that every meter is precious in the company so we help to optimize the space. We provide 11 types of track systems for the doors. These include vertical railings, solutions for building with low and high lintel and for the buildings with pitched roof.


Service and side doors

We constantly develop and upgrade our products. We offer numerous accessories. Side doors matching the garage doors
or service doors allow to enter the building without the need
of opening the garage door. The highest quality of raw materials and automation of renowned producers is the guarantee of the doors’ durability and reliability.

The Service door ideally matches the curtain of the door. It facilities everyday use of the doors and make the functioning easier.

Additional entrance to the building, matching the look of the door and guaranteeing the same look of the elevation.

Safety devices


ANTI-LIFT DEVICE The solution stopping the prying of the door from outside

SAFETY MEASURES Each door is equipped with safety feature in case of line or spring breaking.

COMFORTABLE STEERING Different options of the door steering guarantee comfort for all users.