Garage door maintenance

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Garage door maintenance and cleaning

The garage door is one of the elements of woodwork which is often used by mobile household members. It sometimes happens that the gate is opened several times in one day.

Lack of cleanliness, accumulation of dirt between sections – under the side seals, also within the guides, rollers, hinges and lack of proper maintenance causes the gate to emit friction, creaking, rasping or even shooting sounds. In order to prevent such situations and to enjoy good condition of the gate as long as possible, this element of the woodwork should be regularly and properly maintained. How? We have some suggestions for you.


How often should you clean and maintain the gate?

If you are at the stage of construction – you can take care of your gate from the very beginning, which we recommend. Unquestionably it should be cleaned and maintained:

  • After the installation of the gate
  • After the completion of works on the construction site

And in addition:

At least twice a year and whenever you consider the gate to be contaminated after a visual inspection.


Step-by-step maintenance

Let’s get down to the practical part. We already know when the door needs to be cleaned, now it is time to do the work. We explain how to do it correctly:

  • Clean hard-to-reach areas – under the seals, between the sections. Compressed air will help you here.

Important: Avoid hard scrubbing as this can damage the surface.

  • Clean the entire door curtain – wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with a gentle stream of water and importantly do not use a high pressure cleaner. You can also wash the door curtain with a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush.

Remember: Before cleaning, check on a small area and out of sight, that the detergent does not react with the door.

  • After drying, treat the seals with silicone.

  • Use dry grease to lubricate the hinge pins and rollers.

Remember: Do not, under any circumstances lubricate the tracks, clean the inside of the tracks only from dust and dirt.

Maintenance products

It is very important to use only products recommended by the manufacturer for maintenance work. In addition, performing the above-mentioned activities before the winter period will prevent the door from freezing.

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