Our Most Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

When do we install the garage door? Before or after plastering?
The ideal situation would be to install the door after the garage is completely finished, especially as the installation of the door itself is an extremely “clean” job. To sum up: after the plastering.

It depends on what type of drive you use. Most track drives require a socket on the ceiling, but AIMWIN also offers drives which make it possible to connect and switch on the drive unit from a socket located in the wall. We should also remember about additional equipment, such as: photocells, additional lighting.

It is worth asking about this issue at the offer stage.

How do I adjust my garage door?
A broad question, as we should first consider the cause of the door not working properly. In this case, it is often wisest to call in a professional service to avoid damage to the product.
However, before calling in the specialists, let’s answer the question: when did we clean and maintain our gate, especially – did we do it after installation and completion of the work on site.

How do you seal a garage door?
The best way is of course…to choose a warm installation of the door while still purchasing the product. However, if the gate is already installed – we should first specify what kind of sealing we have in mind, whether just after the installation – resulting from incorrect installation of the product – unfortunately such situations also occur (especially if the investor decides to leave the installation in the hands of untested teams), or resulting from operational processes. In both cases, it is safest to call in a professional team. We advise against following the golden advice of pseudo-specialists – foam and silicone are not a remedy for all the evils of this world.

Garage door – for low lintel?
In the case of the AIMWIN offer, the minimum lintel is 80 mm. In order to adjust the door dimensions to the investor’s expectations contact our office.

Garage door – painted or veneered?
Sectional doors are available in over 200 RAL colours and dozens of veneers. This allows the door to be perfectly matched to the façade and other joinery elements, e.g. PVC windows, external doors, casings. The veneer itself provides an additional layer of protection for the garage panel – e.g. against micro-blows from e.g. a ball hitting the door panel – then there is no chipping, plus it is also UV protection and colour retention.

A door painted in a RAL colour is a good choice if you want an unusual colour.

A garage door for a 2-car garage?
To answer this question, we need to know how our garage will be positioned. If it is part of the house, we need to take care of its insulation. One large door, such as 5000 × 2250 mm, will have a better heat transfer coefficient than two smaller doors – 2500 × 2250 mm. However, in everyday use, two doors may prove to be a more advantageous solution. When driving in and out of the garage on a daily basis, only one of the smaller doors will be opened each time, reducing heat loss. The purchase of two doors and operators involves a greater expense, but will save money later on if the doors are opened frequently.

If the garage is a separate building and its thermal insulation is not important, one larger door will be a better and cheaper solution.

Garage door bounces?
There can be several causes. The most common and mundane is a dirty and hard-working door which prevents the operator from working properly, here we refer again to the maintenance and regulation of the door: Garage door maintenance

Another cause may be the door drive itself – which, for example under the influence of lightning, may have discharged, in which case a qualified specialist, should program the drive.

Sometimes, although no one expects it, the cause can be spiders and cobwebs on the photocells, we recommend checking for cleanliness.

Garage door … insert any market name here. Why rethink this decision?
Let’s remember that the gate is an appliance. It is not only panels in golden oak or anthracite colour, but an appropriate system of guidance, assembly and after-sales service, which will ensure long-term satisfaction with the product, which is often used every day. Will the builder encounter a specialised service team in the supermarket? Certainly not. In addition to the practical aspects, it is also worth bearing in mind the safety of future residents. An unsuitable product, and one that is poorly installed, can lead to tragedy.

Garage door for a workshop?
It is important to consider how often the gate will be opened. If you intend to use it intensively and, at the same time, care about the design, e.g. because the workshop is located near the house – AIMWIN has a product in its offer that visually resembles a garage door but has the hardware and durability of industrial doors. Depending on your needs – we offer industrial gates and grilles adapted to any, even the most demanding working conditions.