Panoramic terrace windows and large glazings are the hallmarks of modern architecture. They make it easy to blur the boundary between home and nature. Well-designed and retrofitted patio doors allow homeowners a comfortable transition from the living room to the garden, while panoramic windows let in more daylight and provide soothing green views. As you build or remodel your home, include them in your design and simply open your home to nature.

This Spring, Brighten Your Home with Large Patio Glazing

These days, the pace of life is hectic. Every day we have a multitude of responsibilities and urgent matters to attend to. Many aspects of life absorb us so much that we forget to take care of our well-being. We are tired, irritable, complain of insomnia and feel anxious. Meanwhile, as specialists advise, we should spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Just a few minutes among greenery is enough to feel its calming influence. Not without a reason, one of the forms of relaxation is looking at natural greenery, if only through a window.

With a view to the physical and psychological comfort of the occupants, more and more houses are being built that open up to nature and harmoniously combine the interior with the surrounding nature. Large glazings, e.g. panoramic terrace doors, help to ensure that the house is well lit with natural daylight, and the occupants can relax surrounded by greenery in the garden, practically without leaving the house.

Therefore, if you start with the construction or reconstruction of your house, include in the design the maximum opening to the nearby greenery. Modern solutions guarantee that even massive terrace doors will be comfortable to use, will not cause heat loss and will pay off in the future with many benefits.

Technical issues
In order to enjoy large glazed areas, you need to carefully define your needs and expectations from your home. First of all, it is worth considering the material of which the windows and patio doors will be made – aluminium, wood or PVC. Their design – material, colour, texture and style should be matched to the body of the building to create a coherent and aesthetic whole.

While making a choice we should also take under consideration such criteria as functionality (choosing an appropriate way of opening terrace doors and selecting a threshold, e.g. flush with the floor level), thermal parameters as well as safety of glazing and hardware.

Terrace doors can be really heavy, however, the appropriate design and innovative solutions make it possible to operate them practically without any effort. The SOFT-CLOSE brake gently stops the sash a few centimetres before it reaches the end position, and then the mechanism moves it to the correct end position, thus preventing hand trapping. The LIFT-UNIT lever-operated extended handle makes it easier to operate patio doors without an operator. It reduces the lifting power of the sash by up to 50%. The sash lifts almost effortlessly on the part of the opener, so it can be easily opened by less agile family members. This is a modern and fully functional solution.

Privacy under control
The use of large glazing does not interfere with dreams of a safe house. Lift and slide doors can have an anti-theft bar and a fitting system equipped with additional catches. More strikers mean more locking points for a thief to force through. On the other hand, the anti-theft protection used in the upper part of the frame makes it impossible to lift and thus open the door leaf. Breaking in through such a door is practically impossible. However, the question of security is not only about protection against possible burglary, but above all about a number of solutions designed down to the smallest detail so as to ensure comfort in everyday use.

Eco, of course!
A good building design not only includes solid and safe products tailored to the needs of investors, but also takes into account the right layout of rooms to maximise the potential of natural light. In the southern, i.e. the sunniest part of the house, it pays off to locate the rooms where we spend most time. Large-scale glazing will blur the boundary between the interior of the house and the garden. Thanks to this we will be able to relax in the living room bathed in beautiful afternoon sunlight. It is worth to place the kitchen on the north side and design it with large glazing, thanks to which it will be brighter and more spacious. The interior of the house should also be ecological. Furniture made of natural materials will be better for the environment. If necessary, it can be easily refreshed and restored to its former glory at little cost. Accessories made using ecological technologies or recycled products will also work well.