Window structures in the shape of arches, trapeziums or triangles are not easy to make. They require very precise execution and assembly, as well as regular servicing during use. Unfortunately, they are also a frequent cause of complaints. For this reason some window producers have decided to offer such windows only with a turn function. And there is another solution...

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How to avoid problems with untypical shaped windows?

A disadvantage of trapezoid and arched windows with a tilt hardware is the lowering of the sash and its rubbing against the frame. As a rule, attempts are made to prevent this by installing special sliders, which lift the sash. In triangular windows, on the other hand, it often happens that the sash hits the frame edge when tilted. The reason for this is the geometry of the window profile. This problem is usually eliminated at the stage of window assembly by milling out a fragment of the window frame.

Instead of tilting
Winkhaus developers have been working on alternative products for a long time in order to find a solution for these problems. Eventually, after many tests and trials, Winkhaus launched a new fitting based on the activPilot Comfort system. Its innovation is based on replacing tilt with a new solution that not only maintains the current functionality of the window, but even significantly increases it! The activPilot Comfort PADS fitting combines the tilt function with the function of parallel tilting of the sash from the frame, which enables ventilation through a gap of approx. 6 mm around the entire window perimeter.6 mm gap between sash and frame This solution allows for effective and above all safe exchange of air, as the windows are locked in the stand-off position. The new ventilation method ensures a healthy indoor climate and – compared to the tilt function – significantly reduces energy losses. It also eliminates the problem of draughts, because thanks to the special design of the strikers, the retracted sash is immobilised and does not slam shut. The function of tilting the sash replaces the tilting function, which causes most problems with windows of untypical shapes.

PADS for special shapes
Unlike most systems on the market, the activPilot Comfort PADS fitting (Parallel-Abstell-DrehSonderformen – i.e.: tilt&turn hardware with a function of a parallel sash protrusion from the frame, for windows with special shapes) avoids any collision of the sash with the frame, because the ventilation function is carried out through the gap when the sash is retracted, and not through the problematic tilting angle.
A special vertical arm of very stable construction keeps the sash in the same position relative to the frame, not allowing it to fall. This prevents problems with closing the window and damage to the profile in the place of the sash rubbing against the frame. The application of the activPilot Comfort PADS fitting for windows with windows with untypical shapes eliminates problems arising during the installation of this type of joinery and the most frequent cause of complaints.

All advantages
The new fitting, adapted for windows with a sash weight of up to 80kg, is very easy to install and does not require any additional work on the profile after the window has been installed. Wide range of adjustment includes: height adjustment +/- 3mm and lateral sash adjustment +/- 2mm, sash pressure adjustment to the frame on locking mushrooms +/- 0.8mm and lateral adjustment on the stay +/- 2mm. The sash elements are equipped with octagonal locking arrows that cooperate with the activPilot Comfort catches fixed in the reinforcement.3 function of the window The activPilot Comfort PADS fitting is based on the standard products of the activPilot system, the activPilot Comfort strikers and several special elements on the hinge side and at the bottom of the sash, identical for curved and trapezoidal windows. This allows you to configure fittings for non-standard windows based on the standard product range, extended only by a few elements.

An additional advantage of the fitting is the possibility of mounting the handle low on the sash. This is a desirable solution especially for windows installed in bathrooms, kitchens and staircases. Closing a window from an open or standing position requires significantly less force than closing a tilted window, so in the case of windows with the activPilot Comfort PADS hardware, a low-mounted handle also successfully fulfils its function.