How long do uPVC windows last?

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The most important thing is to choose products and producers already at the stage of construction, for which we can be sure of high product quality, as well as after-sales service – including servicing and a clear guarantee system.

If the investor chooses a high-quality product, nothing should happen to it for the first 10 or even 20 years. Why do investors have problems with windows much sooner? Find out the most frequent reasons for failures.

Incorrect installation
We emphasise and educate investors that correct, i.e. tight assembly of the window is as important as a good product.

Incorrectly selected product
In the era of Internet shopping, we are often accustomed to making decisions solely on the basis of friends’ recommendations or information found on the Internet. Window joinery for the house is often an expense of tens of thousands of zlotys, so it is important that it is well thought out and tailored to your needs. Example: With frequent opening and use of traditional balcony doors, it is better to use a sliding system – smooth opening will extend the life of the hardware, and thus the product.

Use contrary to instructions
Every product you buy comes with a document that tells you how to use it properly. When buying new home appliances for the house, investors often reach for manuals, unfortunately, they forget about it in the case of window joinery, which is encouraged by manufacturers. The instruction manual also contains a lot of useful information concerning maintenance or recommended cleaning agents.

Inadequate or no maintenance
If a window is improperly maintained, cleaned with inappropriate means or used, it may also fail on various levels, which we will write about in more detail in the next item. What should be remembered by an investor who wants his windows to maintain all parameters for as long as possible? Maintenance should be performed once every 12 months; the manufacturers recommend that it should be done by a qualified service technician so that the right to a prolonged warranty is preserved (in the case of Aimwin windows – even 7 years). If you decide to carry out the work yourself, always pay attention to the recommendations included in the instruction manual and use only products specified by the manufacturer for all work.

Breakdowns that may occur if the product is used incorrectly
If a window is improperly maintained, cleaned with unsuitable products or used, it may also fail on various levels.

Already during the installation of the window, it is very important to remove the protective film well and do it immediately after the work is completed by professionals. If the fitters do not do it themselves, the investor should make sure to do it himself. Why is this so important? Otherwise, the shade of the veneer may change and fade. What if, unfortunately, this has already happened? Here, agents for moistening and refreshing the colour prove invaluable.

Glazing packets
Incorrect use of external and internal blinds can cause failure. If the external blind is lowered halfway for a longer period of time and the temperature difference between the shielded and the sunlit part of the window is so great that tension may develop. The result of this situation may even be a cracked window pane.

This is one of the basic elements that should be taken care of in order for the window to work properly. Unclean, unmaintained fittings will work harder and harder (and here it is worth emphasising that the window is the element which works all the time), which in the end may lead to breaking the cassette from the espagnolette. That is why, among others, it is so important that the annual maintenance is performed by qualified professionals.

Many investors forget that taking into account the time of year, it is necessary to loosen the summer pressure in summer and tighten the winter pressure in winter. If the investor does not use this function, the gasket may deform (crush) under the influence of heat and in winter, when windows shrink under the influence of lower temperatures, blows may occur.

What changes may occur for reasons beyond the control of the investor?
Of course, as the product is used, despite proper maintenance, changes resulting from the specifics of the product may also occur. However, these are not failures that affect the functioning of the window.

Over time, white casings may fade or change colour. If the investor wants to avoid this problem, it is worth choosing a different colour of casings or simply replacing them, at a cost of only several zlotys.

Gas between glazing units
After a few years, the gas may lose its properties, and slowly escape – this is a specific feature of PVC windows, which cannot be prevented, however, for the user it is usually not noticeable when using the product, and it does not pose any threat either.

What should be done to enjoy PVC windows for a long time?
Already when choosing windows you should pay attention to many factors. It is worth checking the reputation of the manufacturer, and the guarantee period, as well as verifying whether service assistance is offered, performing annual inspections, as well as product maintenance. All this will allow you to enjoy your choice for many years.