A child-safe home. Four solutions to consider.

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A house evolves together with the family whose needs it should meet. It has a completely new role to play when there is a small person in it because their safety is then in the foreground. How to choose the finishing products for your home in the future?

A few solutions that every parent should consider when finishing their home.

Childproof windows
Elegant and durable, with a favourable thermal and acoustic insulation factor – these are the factors that most often decide on the final choice of windows for the house or flat. At this stage of selection it is worth thinking about safety in a broader sense, i.e. also consider anti-burglary protection. AIMWIN has introduced to its entire offering the possibility of mounting certified anti-burglary sensors that guarantee the safety of the entire family. AIMWIN products equipped with the safeHOME package are ready to operate right after assembly and connection of the alarm system. Thanks to well-prepared woodwork, the installation of a Solid Security alarm system will go quickly and smoothly.

However, this is not the end of good practices connected with windows. Every year there are repeated tragedies involving children falling out of windows, which is a very important problem because even a fall from the first floor can be fatal. Very often, these situations are the result of unattended toddlers or a lack of imagination on the part of adults. An effective and safe solution is the use of appropriate handles, e.g. with a convenient key. AIMWIN offers handles with the ‘Tilt-First’ technology that locks the window sash in the tilted position after turning the handle by 90 degrees. A handle with a key does not allow the sash to move from the tilted to the open position and only when the key is turned does it release the lock, allowing the handle to be set in the vertical (upwards) position and the window to be opened. The system is convenient, as moving to the tilted position again automatically activates the lock. This is the safest and relatively cheap way to increase the safety of a child in the home.

Large glazings are also often chosen in living rooms that open onto the garden. When children appear in the house, a convenient option are windows with the HST system, which have a very low threshold, almost flush with the floor, thanks to which you gain a smooth transition to the garden, which allows, for example, easy passage of a pram. Additionally, selected products are equipped with the SOFT CLOSE shock absorption system, a completely hidden and visually attractive solution. The mechanism brakes the movement of the sash in the final stage of closing and then gently guides it into the frame, thus preventing the risk of slamming and at the same time protecting the windows against the consequences of improper operation.

Protective film for windows
Glazing is also an important element. And not only those which are directly installed in windows. More and more often they are also used as balustrade protection. They minimize the risk of a child falling out. The role of the so-called safety glass is mainly to protect against accidental breaking e.g. by abrupt closing of the door, and in case of breaking – protection against injury by shards. The panes in such a package are bonded with a protective PVB foil, which will hold them in place even if broken.

Blinds also matter
Exterior roller shutters are also unquestionably useful in a home with a little one. During the afternoon nap, they will help to darken the room, and protect against excessive noise. The possibility of installing a mosquito net will allow for effective protection against insects. When choosing automatic roller blinds, specialists recommend products with a built-in obstacle detection function, which stops the motor when it detects increased resistance; in this way, you can avoid choking your child’s hand. AIMWIN external roller blinds are fully adapted to the needs of the family.

A gate for the whole family
A garage gate is also an element worth securing. Automatic gates can be fitted with special photocells that prevent closing if there is an obstacle in the gate’s light. Rollers mounted in all doors can be additionally equipped with finger guards. This solution is very convenient both when there are children at home as well as animals.

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