New Line 68 mm wooden window.

New Line 68 mm Window

This is the best choice for those who value unique and natural materials.

The New Line 68 mm wood profile system is an original profile with 68 mm installation depth with three gaskets between the frame and sash.

This system is a classic selection for high performance homes.
It comes with a double pane and flexible package of staining options.


  • Construction – Single-frame, frame and sash cross-section: 68 x 81 mm. If technically possible, we can provide any shape and size of the window.
  • Material – engineered fingerjointed pine, selected pine, meranti, oak, other on request, laminated.
  • Uw value- 1,03 W/m2K (for test size window 1230×1480 mm).
  • Glazing package, Ug value – 26 mm (4-18-4), Ug = 1,1 W/m2K / 32mm (4-10-4-10-4), Ug = 0,8 W/m2K. Glass package may be modified.
  • Sound insulation – Sound reduction for the standard unit Rw = 31 dB.Glazing unit with improved sound absorption (option) for Rw = 34-42 dB, depending on a selected glazing unit.
  • Air permeability -Class 3
  • Watertightness – Class 3A
  • Wind load – Class C3
  • Fittings – Roto NT; Siegenia Titan VV
  • Surface treatment – Transparent colours based on current colour chart. Opaque colours based on RAL and NCS charts.

Choose from a wide range of options to personalise you project.




Size Restrictions

Hinge TypeStandardConcealedPower Hinge
Min Frame Width450 mm572 mm
Max Frame Width1521 mm1521 mmup to 1300 mm
Min Frame Height450 mm416 mm
Max Frame Height2450 mm2450 mmup to 3100 mm