Wooden Lift And Slide Doors

Wooden Lift And Slide Doors

Despite its large dimensions, lift and slide doors can be moved with very little effort. Sliding doors have no tilt function – the window components are opened via rails recessed into the floor to allow a barrier-free passage.

Aimwin lift and sliding doors bring maximum comfort, safety and preservation against the weather. They enhance visual space of the room.

Use of advance technology allows us to produce sliding doors up to 18 m wide and 3 m high.

All doors can be double or triple glazed with the addition of aluminium cladding as per our window range. Large glazed areas and terrace doors set new trends in the construction industry.

The lift and sliding doors can be used in both old building renovations and new constructions.


  • Material – Engineered fingerjointed pine, selected pine, meranti, oak, other on request, laminated.
  • Uw value- 0.69 W/m2K (for test size window = 4000 x 2500 mm).
  • Glazing package, Ug value- 26 mm (4-18-4), Ug = 1,1 W/m2K / 32 mm (4-10-4-10-4), Ug = 0,8 W/m2K /48 mm (4-18-4-18-4), Ug = 0,5 W/m2K / 54 mm (6-18-6-18-6), Ug=0,5W/m2K Glass package may be modified.
  • Air permeability – Class 4
  • Watertightness – Class E750
  • Wind load – Class C2
  • Fittings – Siegenia Comfort
  • Surface treatment – Transparent colours based on current colour chart. Opaque colours based on RAL and NCS charts.
  • Aluminium claddings – Powder coated colours based on RAL chart (by Qualicoat sign, licence number: 1515).
  • Size – With the unique fitting system by SIEGENIA, we are able to produce sliding balcony doors with a width of up to 18 meters and a maximum height of 2.7 m.

Choose from a wide range of options to personalise you project.