Traditional English sliding sash windows.

The vintage charm of our sash windows would look great on your house.

Sliding sash wooden windows

Sash windows are windows that do not open on a hinge (like casement windows). They open via a sliding mechanism, horizontally or vertically. Horizontally sliding sash windows are known as “Yorkshire Sash” windows. It provide the house with more space inside and  gives more possibilities for interior design which is very often limited.

Sash windows are also sometimes considered to be the best choice if you value a good airflow in your home, especially if you choose two sliding sashes. With an opening at the bottom and another at the top of the window you can create a cooling convection current that is perfect for the summer months.

Sash windows specs

  • Wood – softwood / hardwood;
  • Construction – sliding sash up and down or sliding tilt;
    Available with cords & weights and spiral balance;
  • Finish – high quality stains; micro-porous paints (RAL colour chart);
    environmentally friendly REMMERS products; single or dual colour;
  • Glazing – standard: thermofloat Ug= 1,1 W/m2K; glazing options: Laminated glass,
    Reflective, SunGuard, Sound reduction, Patterned, Bioclean;
  • Opening – standard: sliding up and down; optional: Sliding tilt;
  • Hardware – standard: furniture of renowned companies like:
    – Mighton,
    – Caldwell,
    – Westward,
    – Roto
  • Seals – Q-lon by Schlegel;
  • Bars – (optional) Georgian bars (RAL colour chart); Astragal Georgian Bars; face fixed astragal bars, the same colour as the window, divide the window into parts, each part glazed separately; traditional leads;
  • Warm edge – colours: silver, black, light brown, dark brown;
  • Extras – „Horns”, fasteners with key, trickle-vents, sash stops;