Thermax Ultra Line - wood aluclad window

Thermax Ultra

Remarkable window with aluminium cladding.

Thermax Ultra window is a completely innovative technical solution. We offer certified aluminum clad wooden windows with the heat transfer coefficient for the whole product of Uw=0.7 W/m2K.

Such excellent thermal parameters have been obtained by using 88 mm thick wooden profile, additionally insulated with Purenit insert.

Thermax Ultra windows can be used in passive house constructions where the value of Uw = 0.8 W/m2K is sufficient.


  • Construction – Single-frame, frame and sash cross-section: 88 x 81 mm.
  • Material – Wood types: pine, mahogany, meranti, oak.
  • Sound insulation – Sound reduction for the standard unit Rw = 31 dB. Glazing unit with improved sound absorption (option) for Rw = 34-42 dB, depending on a selected glazing unit.
  • Heat permeability – The heat transfer coefficient for the window with the test dimensionis Uw – 0.7 W / m2K
  • Glazing – Triple-glazing, twin-chamber (4-18Ar-4-18Ar-4), 48mm unit, the heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.5 W / m2K (EN-PN 674), inter-pane cavity filled with argon. Ornamental glass, safe, with sun protection properties – option. The maximum thickness of the double paned unit is 54 mm. Warm edge spacer (grey) – standard.
  • Window muntins – Vienna (glued wooden + internal aluminum widths: 22, 32, 42 mm), inter-pane, construction widths: 60 mm or 80 mm.
  • Fittings – Roto NT locking fittings with micro-ventilation and anti-burglary catch.Wrong handle position blockade – option. Anti-burglary fittings – option.
  • Colour – Transparent paints according to Sigma Coatings colour chart. Opaque paints according to RAL and NCS colour charts. Four coating system, impregnation, primer, interlayer, topcoat.
  • Gaskets – Undercut, press-in, with TPE closed profile by Deventer or Primo. Gasket colors matched to the color of woodwork.
    Softline – 2 rebate gasket – option.
  • Cladding – Aluminum cladding cut 45° Mechanically gripped or welded.
    Colors according to RAL color cart. Cladding supplier Aluron.
  • Handles – Hoppe Secustic Atlanta handle in white, silver, olive.
    Key-lockable handle in colors as above – option.
    Handle with a button in colors as above – option.

Choose from a wide range of options to personalise you project.




Size restrictions

Hinge TypeStandardConcealedPower Hinge
Min Frame Width450 mm577 mm
Max Frame Width1521 mm1521 mmup to 1300 mm
Min Frame Height402 mm406 mm
Max Frame Height2450 mm2450 mmup to 3100 mm