Aluplast Blockprofile NL uPVC windows and doors.

Dutch window system with construction dephts 120 mm.

Blockprofile NL "Dutch Window"

The system designed for the Dutch market and as it provides the different installation options. It can be obtained with two types of frames, with or without exterior rebate.

Blockprofile systems are distinguished by the use of 120 mm wide frames, which can be combined with different variants of wings (non-faced, half-faced and flush) with a width of 70 mm.

Steel reinforcements with large dimensions allow for the construction of large windows, while maintaining static requirements. Very wide window frames equipped with external rebates allow for easy and aesthetic installation of windows in a building made of clinker face brick without need of additional masonry treatment.



  • a frame depth: 120 mm
  • a sash depth: 70 mm
  • a 3-chamber frame structure
  • a 5-chamber sash structure
  • hardware with microventilation as standard
  • the 2-gaskets system,
  • white and cream cores
  • a possibility to use glazed units up to 36 mm in width,
    standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th Ug=1,1

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