A well-chosen door. Sectional garage doors for houses of different architectural styles.

The times when the appearance of the garage door was of little importance are long gone. In older single-family housing, the garage was most often a free-standing building, located in the background of the property. Modern architectural trends have promoted it to the position of a room integrated into the body of the house. This is why it is so important to choose a garage door that is not only warm and comfortable to use, but also aesthetically pleasing and perfectly integrated with the house and the rest of the joinery.

Universal design
The garage door is a large area of the building shell. It should therefore perfectly match the style of the house. You can choose from a wide range of doors with different embossments, textures, rich colours and patterns. A well-chosen gate complements the façade and is one of the most important finishing elements of the building. It is up to us whether we make it a distinctive accent or decide to meld its appearance with the façade. In order to give the gate its final appearance, we need to consider not only the colour or pattern, but also the type of embossing on its skin.

Interesting design proposals offered by AIMWIN include:
A door without embossing (VENTE K2 RF) provides an elegant finish to a building. It is ideal for modernistic architecture. The lack of embossing on the gate combined with the fashionable anthracite shade will emphasise the modern character of the building.



The door with narrow embossing (VENTE K2 RC) is a popular design that suits houses of different styles. By opting for woodgrain decors, such as antique pine or golden oak, you can accentuate the traditional style of your home.



An interesting alternative to narrow embossing on the door blade is wide embossing (VENTE K2 RS), which is suitable for both houses with a classic style and modern architecture.



For houses with a traditional and rustic character, we suggest the coffered design (VENTE K2 RA), which will further emphasise its charm. This is an excellent option for those building in the classic style.



There is a choice of colours…
We have already chosen the surface embossing of the door. Now it is time to decide on the colour. There are over 200 RAL colours and dozens of veneers available, including woodgrain decors or trendy anthracites, including carbon with an interesting three-dimensional effect. An interesting design suggestion is the light travertine veneer, which captures the charm of natural travertine – a stone found in Mediterranean countries. When choosing the colour of the door, it is advisable to be guided by the appearance of the façade – its colour and texture.

Two strategies are then possible. If you do not want the door to be conspicuous, you can match the colour of the façade and dispense with the embossing on the door blade. An interesting solution would be to highlight the door against the façade and make it a distinctive finishing element of the building. Note that a light-coloured door blade will add lightness to the mass of the house, while darker colours will appear more massive.

Garage door, windows, roller shutters in one colour
One of the benefits of investing in a set of joinery from AIMWIN is the guarantee that its individual elements will be exactly the same colour. As a result, we will be able to enjoy the sight of perfectly matched products in terms of design and colour.

Comfort with a remote control
A gate equipped with drive is now a standard. Investing in an automated system pays off in time savings and convenience of use of the garage door on a daily basis, which in the current pace of life and changing weather conditions measurably affects the comfort of living. Modern drives are quiet, durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. The gate is controlled via an ergonomic and practical remote control, which allows it to be navigated from long distances.