When designing an energy-efficient home, window and door frames, covers and gates play a key role, especially when the garage is an integral part of the building. The development of technology has meant that more and more energy-efficient products are appearing on the market, so sooner or later every builder is faced with a choice dilemma.

With a view to busy people for whom time is money, AIMWIN has developed a line of HOME products with excellent insulation parameters. A set of joinery products from AIMWIN is a proposal not only for people building energy-saving houses, but also for those thinking about future savings related to everyday exploitation.

Heat escapes through the window
Windows can account for up to 25% of heat loss in a house. They also affect the style of the building. When choosing windows, you should be guided not only by their number, size, colour, shape or function of the fittings used, but also by what profile the frame and sash are made of and how many panes of glass the insulating glass in it is made of.

In the case of the window profile, it is worth specifying its class (wall thickness) and depth. In PVC windows, insulation is also influenced by the number and size of chambers inside the profile. Gaskets and sill strips, which reduce thermal bridges between the window and the wall, also protect against heat loss.

FEN 92 window
6-chamber profile
profile depth 92 mm
3-pane glazing
non-standard shapes
energy-saving double or triple glazing packages with a width of 48 mm
1 or 2-sided veneering and Bikolor option
wide range of additional equipment
Uw = 0.75 [W/m2K].
For 48 mm glass Ug=0.5

External roller shutters – comfort and safety
In addition to windows, energy efficiency of the house is also ensured by roller shutters. Among the various types of shading, external roller shutters offer the best insulation properties. The most effective are built-in ones, but they require planning already at the stage of designing the house.

AIMWIN offers a selection of external roller shutters for each type of building, both older and newly constructed. The KALIMA RZ built-in roller shutters are particularly recommended for buildings under construction, as they are the best at reducing heat loss.

In our changeable climate, external roller shutters are applicable both in winter and summer. In addition, it is the perfect solution for those who want to increase security in their home. Windows fitted with roller shutters can be connected to an alarm system or fitted with special security devices. In addition, external roller shutters provide household members with a sense of privacy. When choosing guards, it is worth considering facade blinds, especially if the windows you choose have a very good thermal insulation coefficient.

External roller blinds KALIMA RZ
aluminium casing system
box mounted in the lintel
guides mounted in the window recess
requires planning in the architectural design
after the installation of the box, the roller shutters are embedded under the plaster and completely invisible

Doors – a warm and aesthetically pleasing showcase of the house
SOLANO external doors have been developed down to the smallest detail, including additional thermal inserts inside the profiles, bimetallic separators in the profiles, and polyamide separators in the threshold. All this is done to ensure that every component of the structure meets the best possible thermal performance.

The inside of the door is filled with a thick layer of insulator, which ensures an excellent thermal transmittance value. In addition, the products are reinforced with an extremely durable aluminium profile system.

The SOLANO collection of entrance doors is designed with a variety of aesthetic needs in mind, which is why they are perfect for both houses with traditional architecture and those built in a modern style.

SOLANO entrance doors
insulated profiles – bimetallic separator in profiles
insulated threshold – polyamide thermal break in the threshold
additional EPDM gasket
4 mm thick expansion joint rubber
overlapping panel on both sides – uniform surface
invisible drainage
additional thermal insert inside the profiles
external cladding made of 3 mm thick aluminium sheet
2 mm thick aluminium sheet cladding inside
PU insulation foam G-60 kg/m3

Is a garage in the body of the house a waste of heat?
In modern house designs, the garage is most often located in the body of the building. This is a very convenient solution, which does not necessarily mean a loss of heat. This room is usually not heated as much as the interior of the house and, in addition, it cools down quickly when the door is opened in winter. In order to prevent the garage from cooling down too much, it should be insulated and a suitable door (filled with maximum thickness polyurethane foam) installed. The VENTE RFS 60 sectional garage door, made of 60 mm thick panels, has excellent thermal insulation properties, with the panel retaining its thickness over the entire height – also at the point of connection with adjacent sections. In addition, the door material is protected by gaskets that keep out moisture and cold air blasts.

Garage door VENTE K2 RFS 60
60 mm thick panel filled with polyurethane foam
sealing around the entire perimeter and between the segments
additional double sealing of the bottom panel
inter-section sealing
additional perimeter seal levelling thermal bridges between the wall and the angles U=0.9 [W/m2K].

One manufacturer = many benefits = guarantee of peace of mind
When it comes to joinery, it is very important that windows, roller shutters, doors and garage doors are solidly made and installed at the right time. Therefore, it is worth considering purchasing all its elements from AIMWIN, which offers a complete joinery.

Such a solution guarantees a number of benefits, e.g. full colour, style and finish consistency of individual elements. Unquestionable advantages are also professional consultancy at each stage of the purchase path and uniform guarantee and service care.

It is also important that all AIMWIN products are fully consistent in terms of colours and architecture, and the colours of individual elements are the same – you do not have to worry that individual elements of a set will differ in shades or texture.

A huge advantage is the possibility of assembling the individual elements at one time, which shortens the process of house construction and thus saves time.