Star GT aluminium windows and doors with Uf from 0,73 W/m2K

Star GT Aluminium - System Description

A modern aluminium system for designing windows and doors requiring very good thermal insulation. Thermal separator 45 mm deep, made of solid and proven materials, is an effective thermal barrier. The same type of insulation insert in the window sash and in the window frame provides continued protection against heat losses of the whole structure.

This is a new standard of profile and glass pane interface with increased depth which improves thermal properties and structure of the system.

Also, there is a new type of corner section used, preventing collision between the screw and the corner when screwing in surface hardware elements under the PVC groove. System has possibility of adding roller hinge hardware with very high load bearing capacity.

Moreover, we benefit from innovative drainage system, with no visible elements stopping drainage outlets.

Option of bending profiles (detailed specification of profiles and detailed technical parameters of profile bending process are available in the customer area of the website

The system is particularly recommended for low energy consumption and thermal insulation retrofitted buildings, and they also improve thermal comfort in standard objects.

A wide range of colours available – RAL palette, structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, bi-colour.

Star GT - Specification

Thermal insulationUf from 0,73 W/m²kUf from 1,21 W/m²k
Air permeabilityClass 4; EN 12207Class 4; EN 12207
Windload resistanceClass C4 1600Pa; EN 12210Class C4 1600Pa; EN 12210
WatertightnessClass E900; EN 12208Class E900; EN 12208
Materialaluminium/thermal insulationaluminium/thermal insulation
Depth of frame90 mm90 mm
Depth of leaf99 mm99 mm
Glazing rangeFixed 14-72 mm; RU 23-81 mm14-72 mm
Type of windows/doorswall, fixed, tilt and turnsingle and French door, inward and outward opening
*Thermal insulation is dependent on a combination of profiles and thickness of the filling.